Hotels in Philippines- Confirming Comfortability

October 9th, 2015 | 0 Comments | Hotels Around The World

Lying between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea and consisting of around 7,107 islands, Philippines is enriched with verdant nature, vibrant culture and various adrenaline pumping activities. Obviously, with all these enticements, this land of beauty has created its niche in the world’s travel map. Keeping a track with the inflow of travelers, the hospitality sector in the country is sprouting day by day. The hotels in Philippines have created a comfort zone for




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Indonesia Hotels: Heaven of Privacy and Comfort

December 1st, 2011 | 0 Comments | Hotels In Bali

For travelers, Indonesia is a paradise. This archipelago has so many things on offer- natural landscapes, beautiful temples and a rich culture and heritage. Staying in the hotels in Indonesia will leave you spellbound. The facilities and services that these Indonesia hotels provide are simply great! The friendly gesture of the staff, coupled with an array of facilities and services will make tours to this country worthwhile and a memorable experience.

Majority of Indonesia accommodation options are located at various focal points of the cities. They provide easy access to all the major tourist attractions and transportation. In all the important cities like Jakarta, Bali, Lombok or Batam, travelers will find a hotel of their choice and budget. Indonesia offers all kinds of hotels and resorts for both leisure and business travelers.

The Novotel Mangga Dua Square is situated in Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia. The hotel is located close to major shopping and entertainment venues of Jakarta. With a fresh contemporary Asian design coupled with friendly staff and top-notch amenities, this Novotel Mangga Dua Square is a favorite among both business travelers and vacationers.

One of the peaceful friendly hotels in Jakarta is the Ibis Kemayoran. The best value for money, this property is known for its friendly services and warm hospitality. This budget hotel is situated in the Kemayoran district and is a perfect retreat for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel’s location is strategic, just minutes from the business districts and train station.

Among the finest Bali hotels, mention can be made of Sofitel Seminyak. This property is has professional staff to successfully cater to the varied needs of guests. Standing directly on the Seminyak Beach, the hotel is ideal for beach lovers. Shopping from the hotel is quite easy, as Sofitel Seminyak is just a few minutes from Bali’s main shopping and dining outlets and nightclubs. The luxurious suites and villas are favorites for families or honeymooners looking for privacy and comfort.

All Seasons Resort Legian ranks high among the Indonesia accommodation options. The superb location of the resort, with privacy, tranquility and convenience makes for an unforgettable stay in the Bali city.

One of the top-class Lombok hotels is Novotel Lombok. Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and white sandy beaches, this property features world-class amenities and services. For travelers who want peace and privacy, the hotel comes as the perfect retreat. Hotel Jayakarta is another friendly place to reside while in Lombok, Indonesia. Hotel Jayakarta offers friendly attentive services to all its guests in a nice and relaxing setting.

Among the resorts in Batam, tourists can choose the Batam View Beach Resort to stay in luxury and comfort. The resort is just ideal for holidaymakers or business travelers on a trip to Batam. With scenic land and sea views, the Batam View Beach Resort offers an ideal venue to laze around or do business. The Sri Phala Resort and Villa in Sanur beach, Bali, Indonesia.

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Beware not to use these words.

August 6th, 2015 | 0 Comments | TRAVELLING TIPS

If you travel abroad frequently for work, or if you have an e-commerce store with customers from all over the world, it’s worth noting that there are a number of English words that, phonetically, don’t work in other countries and can lead to double entendre or unintended offence territory. Here are 20 of them to help you ensure that your communication isn’t lost in translation.

Bill.  Asking for the bill might raise a few guffaws in the Netherlands: ‘bil’ means ‘buttocks’ there.
Bra. Do you sell luxury underwear? Whilst you and I might initially understand the word to mean a garment that covers the breasts, if you’re in France your French colleagues might think you’re selling arms. Literally.
Bump.  If you’ve had the misfortune of a bump on your car, note that the word ‘bump’ in Swedish means ‘dump’.
Cookie. If you’re visiting Hungary, whether on business or for pleasure, avoid asking for a cookie. It means ‘small penis’ in Hungarian.
Cool.  The word cool is too close for comfort to the Spanish word ‘culo'; a crude term for ‘bum’. Best avoided.
Exquisite. Extend a compliment to your Portuguese host by describing something belonging to them as ‘exquisite’ and you might be met with askance looks: ‘esquisito’ in Portuguese means ‘weird’.
Fitter. Does your business specialise in fitness products? Be mindful that in Norway, the word ‘fitte’ refers to a woman’s genitals.
Gift. ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’, we’re told; perhaps more so in Germany where the word means ‘poison’.
Jerry. It’s perhaps a little late for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but if you’re in Japan, avoid using the word – it means ‘diarrhoea’ over there.
Kiss. If you ask your Swedish host or hostess for a kiss, they might very well direct you to the toilets. In Swedish, the word means ‘pee’.
Lager. It might confuse your Dutch colleagues if you were to ask for a ‘lager’ when having a few drinks with them after work. Lager means ‘storage’ in Dutch.
Latte. In Germany, latte doesn’t mean the frothy, milky concoction you get from your local Starbucks. It means ‘erect penis’ in some German quarters.

Pay Day. If you’re in Portugal, refrain from singing with happiness that it’s ‘pay day’. No one will be impressed. In Portuguese it means “I farted”.
Peach. Going to Turkey? Avoid asking for a peach in the supermarket or anywhere else for that matter. It means ‘bastard’ in Turkish.
Pick. If you’re visiting Norway, don’t use the word ‘pick’. Your Norwegian colleague is unlikely to be impressed – it means ‘dick’ over there.
Preservative. Avoid asking about preservatives in France; you’ll probably be met with strange looks. It means ‘condom’ in France.
Salsa. Out for a Mexican in Korea? It’s probably best not to ask for salsa: it means ‘diarrhoea’ in Korean.

Speed bump.  Put the above two words together and you have the phrase ‘speed bump’, which in Swedish means fart dump.
Speed. Try not to talk about speed when in the company of others in Sweden. It means ‘fart’.
Tremendous. Refrain from boasting about the tremendous prices you offer your Italy clients. In this country, ‘tremendo’ is the word for ‘terrible’.

That some words can be misinterpreted not only has relevance for those who frequently go abroad on business,  as Tictail point out, also for online businesses where ‘borderless’ transactions take place. So if you’ve often wondered why your “exquisite Madagascan chocolates” fly like hotcakes everywhere in the world except Brazil and Portugal, perhaps you now have the answer: weird, dodgy chocolates just won’t sell.

* from various sources.

Reliable Japanese Online Hotel Booking Company.

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Traveling in Japan is a dream come true for most. It’s a fascinating country steeped in tradition yet futuristic at the same time. But when it comes to the prices of hotels in Japan it can become a real nightmare. Japan after all is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Asia. However, … (more…)

5 Common Travel Insurance Claims

October 8th, 2015 | 0 Comments | TRAVELLING TIPS

Whether you’re on holiday overseas or on a business trip within Australia, you never know when something unexpected might occur. Here are suggestions to help you try to avoid the five most common travel insurance claims.

1. Medical claims

People get sick when they’re away. They might (more…)

Top Tour Operator Companies.

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An escorted tour is a great option when planning a vacation to a location which you are not familiar with. A few tour companies have set themselves apart from the others. Contiki Tours, Gap Adventures, Trafalgar Tours, Globus Tours and Insight Vacations are all great examples of superb escort travel companies. Each of these companies provides (more…)



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