Full moon, Greece.

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sb full moon Greece


Athens, Greece: Protests, Strikes Continue Amid Travel Warnings.

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by ニコール

The violence in Athens has worried many tourists traveling to Greece this spring and prompted several countries to issue travel warnings on Thursday.

The British Foreign Office issued a (more…)


Guide to Visiting Birmingham.

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by Gene Hunt

Britain’s second biggest city after London is Birmingham. Birmingham is the cultural centre of the West Midlands and offers the casual visitor an enormous range of exciting opportunities and things to do. Offering an unsurpassed range of (more…)


Finding travel jobs is lot easier and simpler than you would have thought it to be!

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There are so many travel jobs out there. You could work as a travel agent, become a travel guide, join a cruise or a hotel, or even start your own travel agency. The options are endless. If you are thinking that finding travel jobs is going to be difficult, you are probably wrong. With the advent of the travelling jobs online, (more…)


Paris Hilton first visit to Bali

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Paris Hilton Party, Bali, Indonesia, 2011

Thu Nov 10 2011 is Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali opening day. Attented the opening ceremony is a world celebrity : Paris Hilton. Quite interesting to learn that it is her first visit to Bali, the last piece of paradise on earth. She arrived on Wednesday night Nov 09 2011. She expressed fascination for the beauty of Bali Island through her Tweets.

More tweets she thought about this last piece of paradise on earth :



Bali APEC 2013 Sea Guard

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Bali APEC 2013 Navy special force


Indonesian National Army Navy secure the waters of Bali during the execution of the Asia Pacific Economy Cooperation ( APEC summit ) in October 2013 . In fact , since last 13 September 2013 , the ship of the Republic of Indonesia Malahayati – 362 has been patrolling the waters of the island of Bali .

Head of Information Department of the Eastern Fleet Command Lt. Col. ( P ) Yayan Sugiana said KRI Malahayati assigned for security Very Very Important Person ( VVIP ) RI 1 . ” This makes the security measures VVIP guests , ” said Yayan Tempo , Monday, September 30, 2013 .

VVIP security during the RI 1 , KRI – 362 Malahayati led Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) M Moch Irchamni along with maritime patrol aircraft the Navy oversees perairain region . Sea and air security to prevent infiltration and sabotage enemy might do through the waters .

Furthermore , the Coordinating Unit Command anti Armatim also optimize its air force to support security . Starting from the President landed to leave the island of Ngurah Rai Airport . ” Radar air and anti- air guns KRI Malahayati always ready to anticipate threats at any time , ” said Yayan .

Yayan said it would also fielded a frog Forces Task Force . However , Yayan can not estimate the total number of personnel deployed to such security .

What is clear , says Yayan , these frogs have standby forces in the waters since mid-September until ordered back to Surabaya . ” As command because it knows escalation safety leadership , ” he said .

Besides Malahayati KRI – 362 , there is also a KRI Banda Aceh – 593 that helped secure the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013. Types of warships landing platform dock , fronted by Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) Yana Hardiyana arrived in Benoa , Bali , 19 September 2013 .


Lake Melissani, Greece

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sb lake melissani greece 2

sb lake melissani greece

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Plan a Trip Using Travel Magazines.

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Plan a Trip Using Travel Magazines

Travel magazines can help you plan your own trip from beginning to end. You can easily plan your own trip using all the information you find in travel magazines. It helps (more…)


Bali APEC 2013 Security.

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Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska

Bali APEC 2013 Kopaska



Beware not to use these words.

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If you travel abroad frequently for work, or if you have an e-commerce store with customers from all over the world, it’s worth noting that there are a number of English words that, phonetically, don’t work in other countries and can lead to double entendre or unintended offence territory. Here are 20 of them to help you ensure that your communication isn’t lost in translation.

Bill.  Asking for the bill might raise a few guffaws in the Netherlands: ‘bil’ means ‘buttocks’ there.
Bra. Do you sell luxury underwear? Whilst you and I might initially understand the word to mean a garment that covers the breasts, if you’re in France your French colleagues might think you’re selling arms. Literally.
Bump.  If you’ve had the misfortune of a bump on your car, note that the word ‘bump’ in Swedish means ‘dump’.
Cookie. If you’re visiting Hungary, whether on business or for pleasure, avoid asking for a cookie. It means ‘small penis’ in Hungarian.
Cool.  The word cool is too close for comfort to the Spanish word ‘culo'; a crude term for ‘bum’. Best avoided.
Exquisite. Extend a compliment to your Portuguese host by describing something belonging to them as ‘exquisite’ and you might be met with askance looks: ‘esquisito’ in Portuguese means ‘weird’.
Fitter. Does your business specialise in fitness products? Be mindful that in Norway, the word ‘fitte’ refers to a woman’s genitals.
Gift. ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’, we’re told; perhaps more so in Germany where the word means ‘poison’.
Jerry. It’s perhaps a little late for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but if you’re in Japan, avoid using the word – it means ‘diarrhoea’ over there.
Kiss. If you ask your Swedish host or hostess for a kiss, they might very well direct you to the toilets. In Swedish, the word means ‘pee’.
Lager. It might confuse your Dutch colleagues if you were to ask for a ‘lager’ when having a few drinks with them after work. Lager means ‘storage’ in Dutch.
Latte. In Germany, latte doesn’t mean the frothy, milky concoction you get from your local Starbucks. It means ‘erect penis’ in some German quarters.

Pay Day. If you’re in Portugal, refrain from singing with happiness that it’s ‘pay day’. No one will be impressed. In Portuguese it means “I farted”.
Peach. Going to Turkey? Avoid asking for a peach in the supermarket or anywhere else for that matter. It means ‘bastard’ in Turkish.
Pick. If you’re visiting Norway, don’t use the word ‘pick’. Your Norwegian colleague is unlikely to be impressed – it means ‘dick’ over there.
Preservative. Avoid asking about preservatives in France; you’ll probably be met with strange looks. It means ‘condom’ in France.
Salsa. Out for a Mexican in Korea? It’s probably best not to ask for salsa: it means ‘diarrhoea’ in Korean.

Speed bump.  Put the above two words together and you have the phrase ‘speed bump’, which in Swedish means fart dump.
Speed. Try not to talk about speed when in the company of others in Sweden. It means ‘fart’.
Tremendous. Refrain from boasting about the tremendous prices you offer your Italy clients. In this country, ‘tremendo’ is the word for ‘terrible’.

That some words can be misinterpreted not only has relevance for those who frequently go abroad on business,  as Tictail point out, also for online businesses where ‘borderless’ transactions take place. So if you’ve often wondered why your “exquisite Madagascan chocolates” fly like hotcakes everywhere in the world except Brazil and Portugal, perhaps you now have the answer: weird, dodgy chocolates just won’t sell.

* from various sources.


Bali APEC 2013

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Bali APEC 2013


TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko visiting Command Headquarters Paspampres in Jalan Tanah Abang II No. 6 , Central Jakarta , to check the readiness of personnel who are members of APEC Summit XXI VVIP Satagaspam 2013.
All personnel Satagaspam is a combination of members of the military and police , and is divided into several elements of personal security , installation security , rescue teams , motor guard , security officer , liaison officer , and the support team .

All personnel have followed the APEC summit Satgaspam pratugas for eight days training which includes training materials private escorts , escort circuit , emergency simulation , tactical and medical evacuation , and tactical shooting drills reaction and counter- sniper fire . They will carry out security duties at 2-10 October 2013 at the Complex Nusa Dua, Bali .

This year’s APEC summit will be attended by 21 heads of state , namely Australia , Brunei Darussalam , Chile , PRC , Philippines , Hong Kong , Japan , Canada , Republic of Korea , Malaysia , Mexico , New Zealand , Papua New guniea , Peru , Russia , Singapore , Chinese Taipei , Thailand , Vietnam , United States , and Indonesia. As well as a guest observer states that Solomon Island , Ciribat , and Vanuatu .

In his briefing to all personnel Satgaspam VVIP APEC Summit XXI 2013, the TNI chief proud of readiness has been pointed out , and hope that all heads of state who attended and participated in APEC has the impression of ” excellent” was also satisfied with the security that is done .


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