The Norway Sky Bridge way to heaven

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The Norway Sky Bridge way to heaven


Travel Agency Jobs – What is the average salary

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One of the first things aspiring travel agents search for in the Internet is what the average salary is when you work for a travel agency.

In this article, I’ll give you quick rundown of what to expect for compensation as well as some of the additional benefits and perks.

Travel Agent Salary – What to expect

Before well delve into actual numbers, it’s necessary to understand that there is more than one place you can work as a travel agent.  Travel agencies don’t have a monopoly… despite what one might imagine.

In addition to the traditional agency, you might find yourself working for a tour operator, a visitor bureau, or even an international real estate development company.  You may even find yourself working from home as an independent agent or in some type of virtual travel agent agreement.

Every position has different salary ranges.  The following numbers are only rough estimates,

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as of November 2009.

Traditional travel agency jobs usually offer salary anywhere between K and K.  This number can vary widely, and is heavily weighed on your personal training and skill set.

Working as an independent agent usually awards bigger rewards due to bigger risks/higher rate of failure.  Most of these positions work on a commission basis, as opposed to a traditional salary.

The average home based travel agent can expect to make between K and K, with high flyers making significantly more.

A caveat about these numbers

These numbers may seem either high or low, depending on your personal work experiences.  However, it’s important to remember that your income as a travel agent is dependent on what you bring to the table.

And, as I mentioned earlier, what you make is heavily weighed by the type of training you get. Many schools simply don’t give you the tools needed to succeed as a travel agent.  You have to make sure you get your training from a reputable information source.

How to become a travel agent – The best way to get training

Sure, being a travel agent is one of the most exciting jobs you can find.  However, you have to do certain things if you want to enjoy the salary… and the other perks.

If you’re interested in becoming an agent, I suggest giving a peak at what Amazon has to offer.  In particular, there are three resources that give you the nuts and bolts of becoming a travel agent… at a fraction of the cost.

While these three resources (often called the travel agent mini-set) aren’t advertised openly on the Amazon website, you can find a link to all three in the resource box below.

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Achieving Success as a Writer – Easy to Follow Tips to Preparing a Travel Diary

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by Cyclingrelf

Visiting a beautiful place doesn’t have to be a singular experience. By keeping a diary or journal of your travels you can instantly revisit and relive the places where you have been. Keeping a journal of your experiences can be as demanding as it is rewarding but having the finished article to keep forever is worth the effort!

Firstly it is generally good to choose an interesting notebook or journal to take travelling with you but it also has to be durable and functional. Once you have chosen your book you just need to get scribbling.

Your approach to journaling can be as varied as you are! Some people like to keep a very strict written account of what they do. This is useful because it contain factual information but be careful not to write every single detail of what you do as otherwise you would be in danger of never revisiting your words. It can be detailed but not to the point where it is painful (as in five years time you really are not going to care whether you caught the number 38 bus into the city or not)!

Other people like to keep a loosely structured diary which involves images as well as words. Sketches whilst travelling can be the most rewarding because of their ability to convey more of a place through the process of their creation than many words can. It almost doesn’t matter about your own drawing ability, purely by sitting in a place and sketching you can remember the sights and smells of a place and thus they are an enriching (and, in my opinion, essential) part of your travel diary. This free approach can also be enhanced with pasted museum stubs and transport tickets. A multimedia journal can always be revisited whatever your mood!

One tip is not to be too precious about your journal when writing it because you would often be inclined to give it up. If you don’t fancy writing an account of where you have been one day then idly doodle or play noughts and crosses with your travel companion. Treat your journal as a splurge for your thoughts and feelings rather than a strict, structured and factually accurate diary. You can always date each day as a way of keeping a loose sense of chronology and order.

Lastly, always make sure you have your journal and a pen close to hand so that you can capture any random conversation, sight or moment so that it can be preserved and enjoyed continuously.

Travel Diary is a 2D animation using digital collage, video, photography, stop motion, composting and traditional illustration skills. Being alone in New York pushed Keng-Ming Liu into a dark corner and he released his anxiety by communicating with my friends throughout world. He condensed his thoughts and feelings into travel diaries, attempting to illustrate the stark differences between countries and cultures in various ways and awaken everyone’s desire to travel. The beauty of art is revealed with the words we write down, the sketches we draw, the stickers people put on our luggage and every piece of life we experience.
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Travel Insurance

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Are you planning a long vacation abroad or within your country? Splendid! Have you ever though that Travel Insurance? It is as vital as you plan your vacations. To plan your holiday trip without a Travel Insurance may be quiet unsafe and risky. In fact when you are planning to your destination, Travel Insurance must be on the top of your planning list. Travel Insurance helps you save a lot of money that may be charged on huge medical bills or unexpected expenses while traveling abroad. You never know when the misfortune strikes your door, it might strike even when you are busy enjoying your vacation, so the best way to protect yourself is by getting Travel Insurance done before hand while planning a vacation. You can at least be relieved from the financial stress if you face a major health problem which may cost you thousands of dollars abroad. Well your vacation is spoiled but you are saved from huge medical expenses, for which you may keep all your assets mortgage as the medical charges are quiet high in US or UK, or in any other tourist place for that matter. You however need to do a sensible search to get your Travel Insurance done effectively. The most popular Travel Insurance companies are Gap Year Travel Insurance or the Backpacker Travel Insurance and many more… The Backpacker or the Gap Year Insurances offer a number of amazing features like: – It is basically meant for those vacationers who love to travel and spend a longer period of time during their vacations. – This Travel Insurance covers all the risks related to the sporting activity likes scuba diving, skiing, bungee jumping etc which involves a great risk to the tourists and above all it also offers great discounts for couple bookings and charges no extra costs. – These companies offer insurance for the time period of eighteen months but however they have certain restrictions on the age of the tourist who wants to get himself insured through Travel Insurance. To get an Travel Insurance your age needs to be within the ascertained limits and

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if you fall beyond these limits there are other Travel Insurances that might help you out. The Holiday Insurance helps you to get a risk cover for maximum two years, this is a type of long stay insurance. You can get Travel Insurance done from other several online Travel Insurance companies that offer huge benefits like the World Nomads Travel Insurance is specifically for the adventurous travelers and covers risk like medical expenses, migration and on luggage as ipods, digital cameras etc.. Next is the Essential Travel Insurance which involves quick and easy booking process that helps you to buy the right policy. Downunder Travel Insurance provides risk cover for upto 55 years old people, Columbus Direct is quiet well-known company to offer Travel Insurance to meet all sorts of needs, Go Travel Insurance offers cheap insurances for full cover. These are a few of the several Travel Insurances that help you get a maximum cover for all sorts of risks involved during traveling. Travel Insurance must be a prerequisite before planning for any vacation destination as you never know what the future holds for you, so to enjoy your holidays tension-free it is better to get a Travel Insurance done before hand. So enjoy your vacations to the fullest with Travel Insurance.


Private Jets Are Reducing Travel Time.

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Many companies have recently discovered that private jets are reducing travel time, and adding convenience not found in commercial flights. A private jet charter can reach airports nearer to your destination, reducing land travel cheap auto insurance commutes, and they (more…)


Travel Through Europe Using European Train Travel – Tips And Advice

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Should you be planning to travel through Europe, you may be wondering how to travel once you get there. Coach or train is going to be your best bet, especially if you are from the US and intend visiting the United Kingdom. The train is quite accommodating for most countries and is easy to use, but it is  (more…)


Best hotel in europe 2009 And Cheap Hotels in Europe

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Luxury hotels for golfers can be found the world over and for those who are golf addicts a round of golf adds a pleasant dimension to any hotel stay. According to the National Golf Foundation there were 28.6 million golfers in the United States in 2009, who (more…)


Holidays For Single Travellers – Great Ideas To Be Explored

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Holidays for single travellers have become more imaginative with time. Gone are the days when a single traveller was restricted in the options that he could take up. There were limited choices for people wanting to enjoy some solitary time away from home. That was back then. The times have changed and now…  (more…)


Cheap Hotels in Barcelona.

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Most of the times you must have seen people addressing places as the place with a difference! But how different is Barcelona from the other places of the world discussed here. Barcelona- the state capital of Catalonia, Spain is the second largest city of Spain with respect to populace and size. But this is not the basic difference it has which… (more…)


Travel to Historic Egypt an Ideal Winter Sun Travel Destination

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Egypt is a famous destination for backpackers and package holidaymakers alike, with its stunning coastline, ancient civilization, vivacious cities and the beautiful Sahara. You could spend weeks or even months touring around its many highlights and there really is something for everyone here; beaches to sprawl out on, diving opportunities galore, hiking in the Sinai and exploration of… (more…)


Trolling at Bali.

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Fishing lovers always dream for this moments, do you?


 Make it happen then.



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