Bali Aga Market.

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The MarketBali Traditional Market

Once Upon A Time


The Advantages of Discount Travel Services.

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It used to be the case that cheap travel agents were a sort of oxymoron. People paid a premium to get their vacations and business trips booked by someone else with little or no disturbance. Since the advent of the internet, all that has changed. Travel agents have (more…)


Top things to do in Iguazu – other than see the falls

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Iguazu waterfall5
The Iguazu Falls are the biggest waterfalls in the Americas and one of the biggest tourist attractions Argentina outside of the capital city, Buenos Aires. The waterfalls are an impressive natural wonder, separating the nations of Brazil and Argentina in true natural style. As the water cascades over the rock, the spray creates rainbows in the sun, with birds playing kamikaze over the edge. The many falls spread over (more…)


The Best Villas in Bali

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Bali, often referred to as ‘The Paradise Island’, is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. From volcanoes surrounded by mists, terraced mountains with rice fields, to the golden beaches-Bali has everything best that nature has to offer. It is also called “The Island of Gods” as religion and prayer are intricately woven within the lives of Balinese people. The religious ceremonies of the Balinese people are (more…)


Vice Roy Hotel_Ubud_Bali.

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sb Viceroy Bali Hotel, Ubud, Bali.

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The Pearl of Balearic Islands: Menorca.

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There is a quality found on the Balearic Island of Menorca that comes from the fact that it is the smaller gem of land of the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea. While boasting the same number of wonderful beaches as its larger neighbours, Mallorca and Ibiza combined, it has largely been spared the growth and development

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that occurs in places of such beauty. You can (more…)


Embracing the good life with Canifor Hotel in Malta.

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Ideally located 150 meters away from Qawra’s promenade with the finest beaches and whitest sands is the Canifor Hotel that offers every tourist who is spending Malta holidays the best Malta accommodation at the most reasonable hotel rates. Malta has been known for its world-famous beach resorts with crystal water and fine sand, historical and cultural sites, world-class (more…)


Holidays in Bali, an Introduction.

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Diversity of culture, striking paintings, lovely beaches, splendid art work and

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wonderful music hhave made the Indonesian island Bali as one of the hot tourist destinations of the world. The impressive beauty of this island will make the holidays more enjoyable. Let us see how you can get the best out of your Bali holidays.

In Bali you will see (more…)


A Bali Holiday Resort Is An Ideal Location For Your Vacation

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Any Bali holiday  set in a tropical garden or on a golden sandy beach with white lapping waves makes your stay comfortable and relaxing till the time you check out of your resort. The resort staffs ensure that you have a perfect and peaceful vacation thus making it memorable for you to cherish till your memories fade away. The Bali holiday with world-class facilities is ideal for couples as well as (more…)


The Top 5 Bali Beach Luxury Experiences.

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Exotic black sand beaches stretching away in both directions. Some of the world’s best surf coming to lap your toes as you face the sea’s horizon. Bali is often called that cliché phrase “a tropical paradise” – and you can see why, with all of the glory of a Bali beach before you. Indeed, it is tempting to call it quits and park yourself on these sandy (more…)


LOVINA Sunrise.

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Lovina sunrise is a unique natural phenomenon you can only find at Lovina beach, Bali. It is a duet natural attraction show between fantastic sunrise and dolphin jumping. Frankly I

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have no idea if there is any similar place like this somewhere around the world ?

You are suggested to (more…)


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