Medan: Visiting The Fourth-Largest City in Indonesia

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While traveling in Indonesia, stay at our luxury Medan, Indonesia business hotel.  The new JW Marriott Medan is a 5 star rated hotel that offers the ultimate luxury for discerning travelers that is just minutes from the Medan Polonia Airport.

Our Medan business hotel offers 287 guest rooms, (more…)

Barong Dance.

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Barong Dance, Bali. A Unique Performance.



The popular of all Balinese dance forms is the Barong Dance. It is a form of story telling which generally narrates a tussle between the good and the bad. For those keen on the traditional forms of acting, the mythology on which the culture is based, and the rich history of Indonesia, this (more…)

Medan – The Gateway to Sumatra

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Medan is the capital of the Sumatra region in Indonesia. It was previously a Dutch colony and has a diverse population, many of whose ancestors had been shipped in generations ago to tend to the tobacco fields set up by the Dutch. The immigrant influence is apparent in the cuisine and the Dutch have


left their… (more…)

Dangerous Countries For Tourists

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Some of The Most Dangerous Countries To Visit

When planning any trip abroad, travelers need to be aware of any special circumstances or happenings that pose a threat to their wellbeing. Conditions can change quickly. The following are amongst the most world’s most dangerous countries to visit.

Any number of situations can arise to change the safety of a country for tourists. This could be due to any number of factors such as weather conditions, disease, crime or political unrest. Always check your government website for any new or standing travel alerts that you should be aware of before choosing your holiday destination.

Valuables and travel documents should always be in a safe, preferably in the hotel’s office if that is possible and showing signs of wealth by wearing expensive jewellry or flashing around money could prove to be a very costly mistake. Unecessary risks are taken when straying too far off the beaten path in unfamiliar territory. Stear away from ATM machines that are not in crowded venues, such as shopping malls or hotels. Be wary of your surroundings and any unsettling individuals when you are in a higher crime area or environment. Security and policing effectiveness varies greatly from country to country and justice or assistance may be difficult to access if you find yourself in a bad situation.

The tourist should take full responsibility to acclimate themselves to the travel conditions of any foreign country and especially some of the most dangerous countries to visit.


Content Source: BukisaSome of The Most Dangerous Countries To Visit

Tari Oleg Tamulilingan.

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What is Oleg Tamulilingan ?
Oleg = verb, swaying.
Tamulilingan = noun, bee, beetles

Oleg Tamulilingan coupled to mention the dance that was created in 1952 by the Balinese artist I Ketut Marya also known by the name I Mario. Oleg Tambulilingan dance… (more…)

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Tari Barong.

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What is Barong ?

Barong is a character in Balinese mythology. He is the king of the spirits and symbolizes goodness. He is an enemy of Rangda in the Balinese mythology. Banas Pati Rajah is the spirit that accompany a child in his life. Banas Pati Rajah is believed to be the spirit that drives the Barong. As a protective spirit,…  (more…)

Tari Cendrawasih.

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Tari Baris.

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bali dance

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Bali Taman Kupu Kupu

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Taman Kupu Kupu Bali Terkini IMG-20141225-01510

Bali Taman Kupu Kupu parking area

Located at Banjar Sandan – Desa Wanasari – Tabanan.

Just next to Yeh Panes = Hot Water Spring – Mount Batukaru.

4 Best Casinos in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is really a large children’s playground where amusement of days gone by exists on a nightly basis. Feathered showgirls, flashing dance troupes and magicians with tall hats are the norm in Vegas, however, the real stars in Sin City would be the casinos themselves.
In the actual current count, there are 1,701 accredited gambling halls in Las Vegas, such as… (more…)