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Charmian Chen Taiwan photo model

CHARMIAN CHEN, a female photo model student from Taiwan, never thought that embarrassing incident when two long-tailed monkeys make her bikini top slipped it made her so famous in cyberspace. Chen, who happened to be a model, visit the region Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, last month when two primates are “insolent” it “fondle” her and make her clothes drooping tops.

The 22-year-old student was on vacation and was feeding the monkeys when the incident occurred. Two monkeys were apparently saw a corn seed that fell on Chen’s upper body Chen and wanted it.

Although Chen tried hard to drive out of the monkeys, one of the monkey managed to sag the photo model’s bikini down . Chen was so embarrassed and tried to cover herself as much as possible by using her hands.

Holiday events that made her feel embarrassed and stupid that it has made Chen’s so big star on the internet. Photographs of the incident made headlines in Taiwan, a number of television stations asking her to appear and speak about the incident. The photos also have spread throughout the world, appeared on blog sites, forums, and media in the U.S., UK, and Europe, so among other things according to the Daily Mail and The Sun, Tuesday (29/11/2011).

Chen said, “I was on vacation and at first the pictures were just funny. However, when I returned to Taiwan, everyone who tries to add me as their friend on Facebook. I think, is rather strange.”

She continued, “Then one of them said they had seen pictures of me and I was really surprised. The next thing I know is I got a call from the television station. I was on vacation in Bali, back in Taiwan, I still want to learn, so I do not want to be famous just because of my breasts. But really it’s fun, people come up to me and said ‘you’re the monkey girl’ and it makes me laugh. ”

Chen said, the monkeys, in addition to hunger, were also interested in the bikinis worn by many visitors. She added, “I think, when the monkeys pulled my clothes, it’s because there was a corn on it. However, said the park staff, visitors in a bright coloured bikini indeed attract the attention of the monkeys. I think the bright colors they think as fruit.

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