Special thanks to Kadek Juniarta for asking the question.

I’ve had enough of talking about the bad things here. Even the Balinese know what they are. Sampah, taxis, villas, prices, macet, stupid bules, blah blah blah.

I am here because the Balinese are still the most amazing, interesting and wonderful culture in the entire world, hands down.

I am here because I believe in Moksa, the Balinese idea that this fucked up world is actually a school, and that one day, you graduate from it. Moksa is one of the most important concepts not only in the Balinese religion but in Indian spiritual philosophy, and Yoga philosophy. It is also my own personal truth, and I try to shape my life around it.

Because this is a school, they say, the world is SUPPOSED to be f’d up by 50% and wonderful and perfect by 50%, because otherwise you don’t learn anything. The Balinese are not trying to “heal the planet”. That’s a terrible idea, they think, as it would destroy the good and evil dynamic, necessary for growth and advancement.

That idea is called Rwa Bhineda, and it is symbolized by all that black and white checkered cloth you see all over the place.

Listen up my Balinese brothers and sisters:

If I can make Moksa important in my life, so can you. Don’t fall for the dunawi trap that you see my bule brothers and sisters lost in. It is a lie. Begitu cemerlang it seems, it will not bring you the wahyu, ilham, pengalihatan, or kemerdekaan kejiwaan you seek. It will not help you see the Atman. Trust me, I know. I came from the negara where the duniawi is king.

I am here because this picture communicates something I know to be true: Niskala is for real.

by Jack Blaylock
to Ubud Community

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