Lucky, who has apparently been ill for a few days, surfaced this evening and requested a pat. And some food. So I obliged with some cooked chicken which originally was destined for tonight’s dinner.

He seemed very keen, but also distracted, and kept running to the front door and staring at the street before returning for another mouthful. Maybe it’s too cold, I thought. It was, after all, straight out of the fridge. While I microwaved it to bring it up to room temperature, Lucky again ran to the front gate on some inexplicable errand.


OK, I thought, he wants to observe something out there while he eats, so I brought his repast, artfully presented in an ice-cream container, out to the front porch. When I returned with some water for him, it was gone. Not just the food – the entire dish.

Then I saw what he really had wanted to do all along. Out in the street, Lucky was trotting along, container firmly held in his jaws in such a way that the dish was horizontal and not a morsel was spilled. He stopped at a few places up the street and called a few times. Sure enough, one of his doggy friends came bounding out, and they both sat down to eat.

That dog never fails to amaze me. He just wanted to share with his mates. Inspirational.

* by Vyt Karazija



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