Tari Kecak.

What is Tari Kecak ?


Tari Kecak is usually referred to as “Cak” or Fire Dance is a mass dance performances describing the role of “Lakon Pewayangan” Rama and Sita and Kecak is not specifically used in Hindu religious rituals i.e. worship, temple ceremony and other ceremonies. Tari Kecak dancers may get…  Read More

Tari Joged Bumbung.

What is Joged Bumbung ?

Joged = noun, dance.

Bumbung = noun, bamboo.

Joged Bumbung is a flirtatious social dance in Bali which is usually performed in the social events in Bali, such as weddings as well as at festivals and parties. This dance is danced by female dancers, who then look for male partners of the audience to join the dance. This dance is…  Read More

Tari Legong Keraton.

Legong dance in Bali cultural treasures belonging to the type of classical dance since the beginning of its development stems from the royal palace in Bali. The dance was once only enjoyed by the noble families in their neighborhood that is in the palace as an entertainment. The dancers who have been appointed to… Read More