The Top 5 Bali Beach Luxury Experiences.

Exotic black sand beaches stretching away in both directions. Some of the world’s best surf coming to lap your toes as you face the sea’s horizon. Bali is often called that cliché phrase “a tropical paradise” – and you can see why, with all of the glory of a Bali beach before you. Indeed, it is tempting to call it quits and park yourself on these sandy Read More

The Best Villas in Bali

Bali, often referred to as ‘The Paradise Island’, is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. From volcanoes surrounded by mists, terraced mountains with rice fields, to the golden beaches-Bali has everything best that nature has to offer. It is also called “The Island of Gods” as religion and prayer are intricately woven within the lives of Balinese people. The religious ceremonies of the Balinese people are Read More

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel Bali, Indonesia

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel, set in landscaped tropical garden, posseses the ambience of charming traditional Balinese Village concept. Nestled in the borderland of Seminyak, Puri Dewa Bharata is close to shops, restaurants, and colorful nightlife entertainments. Located 15 minutes away from Kuta Beach and 5 minutes to legendary Double Six beach,… Read More

Nusa Dua Accommodation.

Nusa Dua 1

Nusa Dua is a Bali resort targeting the more rich travelers and so the kinds of Nusa Dua hotels are varied in this exclusive area and are way more up market and expensive so you will not find much within the budget kind of place to stay. Although the costs are much higher you should expect the same value that is common all around Bali and compared to other resorts around the globe, Bali is Read More

Comparison Sites Find You the Best Deals in Hotels

Travelers around the world always keep on searching the best deals they can get on everything whether it is flights, hotels or accommodations. It is quite a tiresome task to find cheap deals in hotels along with superb services around the world. Thus, people are always searching for reliable price comparison service for hotels or flights that can provide the best hotels deals while saving time and money. You can find numerous price comparison online sites that can help you get best services and identify for you the best deals around the world.
If you are searching the comparison sites, then Read More

Denpasar Accommodation.

sb catur muka statue2

This is Catur Muka statue.

Catur = four.

Muka = face.

It is considered as Denpasar zero point.

sb titik nol

Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is situated just north of Nusa Dua. This town is not known as a major holiday maker attraction when visiting Bali. Being that it’s the capital, there are loads of Denpasar hotels to make a choice from for all budgets. For many budget travels, the hotels in Denpasar are a perfect place to stay as there are Read More

A Bali Holiday Resort Is An Ideal Location For Your Vacation

Any Bali holiday  set in a tropical garden or on a golden sandy beach with white lapping waves makes your stay comfortable and relaxing till the time you check out of your resort. The resort staffs ensure that you have a perfect and peaceful vacation thus making it memorable for you to cherish till your memories fade away. The Bali holiday with world-class facilities is ideal for couples as well as Read More

Indonesia Travel and Accommodation Guide.

Firstly if you are planning a trip to Indonesia you need to check for cheap accommodation deals because it’ll save you a lot of time and money looking for cheaper accommodation rates.

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, comprising of five main islands and a multitude of smaller archipelagos, with about 17,000 islands strung acrossthe equator.

A rich history of kingdoms,… Read More

Ubud Hotels

Ubud Bali

A long way from the crowded beaches full of noisy teenagers, only an hours’ drive from Ngurah Rai airport or Kuta you will find Ubud, an island within an island. The difference in settings is incredible when you arrive here compared to coastal destinations. Ubud hotels are pure luxury, giving the best accommodation available in Bali. There are no beach resorts and Ubud has Read More